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Learn How to Trade Forex

Trading on the foreign exchange market leads to 99 percent of people losing their money. 


At Certus FX we prepare our traders for the brutal realities of the financial markets.

Are you prepared to become the one percent?

Our Services

Whether you're a complete beginner in trading or have been in the markets for years; our services will cater to you.

Beginner Training

From the ground up, learn the basic concepts of how this market lives and breathes.

Advanced Training

Our Advanced Training will teach you how to master the market. From technical EMA analysis to real-life fundamentals.


Get your hands on automated software, trade alerts and expert

in-depth analysis all for one inclusive price.

Network of Traders

Become a part of something bigger.

A team of like-minded individuals striving for success.

Risk Management

Risk management is crucial. Develop a sustainable trading plan and learn how to protect your capital.

Private Mentoring

Utilise one to one sessions with our team to tailor your learning experience and track your monthly progress.


"Certus has everything you need to learn how to become a successful trader in the Forex Markets, you will not find a product that offers what they do for a lower monthly cost. Also while you learn, follow the Approved Traders Chat for extra pips!"

Dallas Cline


Our Mission


Robbie Harris

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I studied Mathematics at Coventry University and have always been interested in an alternative lifestyle. The path I 

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Charlie Hosea

I have never been a fan of Classroom styled education. I learn better, faster and more efficiently whilst doing the task

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-22 at 22.36.40.jpeg

was on was heading towards a 9-5 career in data analysis and investment banking, but I always had a longing feeling for more freedom. This was something that I did not feel throughout studying and when I graduated with honours in 2021 this can clearly be seen with my attendance at university averaging less than 10% over the four years.


I began trading and investing in 2018 but was not introduced to leveraged trading until 2019. From here I gained quick success trading throughout the pandemic, leaving my part-time job at the time and moving out of the family home in early 2021.


We launched Certus later that year to teach others of the success we had seen in the financial markets through the use of technical analysis, fundamental research and strict risk management.

or job I am learning to do. My career path has been very different to most, I have worked in retail,

spent some time serving in the prison service and have now been working in the pharmaceutical wholesaling industry for over 4 years.

I started out my trading career as a complete novice, hearing some of my classmates talking about "digital currency" and how it would revolutionise the world as we knew it. This was back in 2016/17 and I first started dabbling in investing. In all honesty, I had no idea what I was doing, the idea of it all excited me and I began to delve deeper into the crypto market.

This is when I crossed paths with Robbie again. We quickly realised our mindsets were similar and decided we wanted to help others achieve the same understanding and success from the financial markets.

Our mission at Certus FX is to use our personal experiences to teach our traders everything we know about the financial markets and to work with like-minded traders to develop a network of people that can share investment opportunities openly with one another in the pursuit of financial freedom.

Recommended Partners

It can be difficult to find a reputable broker in the trading industry. We have personal experience with the following and they have each shown excellent services and reliability.


Please be sure to conduct your own research before risking your capital as this is a report of our experiences and not financial advice.

ic markets logo2.png

IC Markets is an Australian brokerage regulated by FSA, CySEC and ASIC. Both Robbie and Charlie have been trading with them since 2019 and they offer trading 7 days a week with tight spreads and fast executions.

videforex logo.webp

VideForex is a trusted Forex and CFD broker that also provides access to binary options trading. We have been trading with them since 2020 and have found their services to go above and beyond competitors.

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