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Trading Tools

We aim to cater for all traders and their individual trading styles. We understand that while full-time traders can spend a lot of time on the charts, this is simply not an option for most.

At Certus FX we follow a 'Trade to Live rather than Live to Trade'.

This means that we aim to maximise the efficiency in our time on the charts and we do so through using the right tools:

- Gain access to our Indicators that can be added directly to your Trading View charts without the need for a paid Trading View account.

- Algorithms that scan the markets 24/7. Calling potential trade setups with a simple blue or red arrow following either EMA dependent candlestick patterns or crucial Harmonic levels leading to potential pivots in the markets.

- Be notified when one of our approved traders places a trade. Their analysis, entries and targets will be easily understood in a simple message.

- An alert channel specifically for Binary Trading with over a thousand potential setups per week, straight to your phone.

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